Rules in Playing Volleyball

The game of volleyball is being played in a volleyball court made of flat solid surface measuring 9 meters wide and 18 meters long. The court is being divided into two equal halves by a net measuring one meter wide where the topmost height measures 2.43 meters for men and 2.24 meters for women. Since volleyball is an indoor sport, the minimum height clearance for roofing structure should be 7 meters. The court is further divided in to front and back row where a line that is 3 meters parallel to the center line just above the net subdivides these 2 rows.


Each team has six players where the team to serve first is determined by a coin toss. Each play starts with a serve where a serving player, at the service line, toss and hits the ball passing over the net going to the opponent’s court. The opponent will receive the ball and return back the ball using a combination of no more than 3 contacts. The first contact, called the bump or pass, is aimed to direct the ball to the setter. The second contact, which is usually the setter, is aimed towards a favorable spot on the net for an attacker or spiker to make the third and final contact before the ball goes back to the other side. As a defense to the spike, a block can be made by two or more players to defend the incoming ball. The play is continued until the ball hits the ground where a point is awarded. The players can go outside of the court to save a ball or in pursuit of a ball that has gone over the sideline or in mid-air.

A point is awarded to the opponent if the team fails to return the ball over the net within the allowed three touches or hits the ball while landing it outside the court. Other violations include a player successively touches a ball or a player stepping over the center line going to the opponent’s court. A point is also awarded if a player touches the net while the ball is still on play.

Other violations consist of back row player spiking the ball while stepping in the front row, players not in the correct position during a rotation when the ball has already been served, taking more than 8 seconds to serve after the referee has whistled or playing the ball when it is still above the opponent’s court called over-reaching.

In 2000, other rules were enacted such as allowing the ball to touch the net during a serve, the service box was also eliminated allowing a serving player to make his serve anywhere at the backend of the court. As for the scoring, the first team to make 3 sets wins the match. But the scoring for each set was trimmed down from 30 to 25 for women’s volleyball while men’s volleyball has remained at 30. Another scoring modification has been made if a deciding set is needed, called as the fifth and final set, where the first team to score 15 points wins the match.

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