Features to Look for While Choosing the Best Dashboard Camera

Dashboard cameras can come in handy in the events of hit and run and other accidents where knowing the identity of the other vehicle is important for getting insurance money. Insurance companies are notorious to deny claims if you fail to furnish even minute details of the accident. A video proof of the accident often goes a long way in proving the authenticity of your story. In case the insurer does not still find your case eligible for claiming damages, the video can be used as an evidence should you decide to file a lawsuit against them. Thus proving that dash cams are an important to have gadget, let us further see what features might be required in one to make sure you get the best dash cam for your needs. A list of the current best 5 UK dash cams shows that there are many things you need to consider, but for the purpose of this article we will focus on the main points.

Traditional dash cams are fitted behind the rear view mirror on the windshield and they record whatever happens in the front of your car. While most of incidents of importance happen in front of you while you drive, situation might demand you to also record what happens behind your car. Modern dash cam generally come in two configurations – single and double channel. As the name suggests, single channel dash cams record only one stream of video while double channel cameras record in two different channels. A dual channel dash cam is actually a combination of two cameras which are fitted at different location in your car. The second camera can be fitted on the rear glass to record the events happening behind you as you drive.

An argument similar to the rear camera can be made for the presence of a camera that records the events that happen inside your car. If you would rather have the second camera record the inside of your vehicle, it is fitted almost at the same place as the primary camera but faces backwards. These cameras are important to have for taxi drivers as they might face perils inside their cars in addition to the outside vehicles owing to the not so gentlemanly passengers who might decide to take a ride in their cars. Because all the passengers are recorded in this camera, the footage might come in handy for the police in case they are looking for a suspected criminal on the run.

Older dash cams were seriously handicapped when it came to recording in the dark. Like any other camera, the quality of images captured by the dashboard camera is dependent on the light falling on the objects which are to be captured. While we would expect most objects in the front of the car to be sufficiently lit with the headlights when the car is running, problems will arise while recording something that happens in the dark. It could either be behind your car on in front of the car when it is parked and the headlights are turned off. The solution to this particular problem is night vision enabled dash cams. These cameras record by emitting and receiving infra-red light which is invisible to the human eye. Hence, we might conclude by saying that a dual channel, night vision enabled dash cam is the way to go.